Promoting effect of bio organic fertilizer granulator on agriculture

As a big agricultural country, China's agriculture has an irreplaceable position, so in industry, China continues to develop organic fertilizer production equipment and fertilizer processing technology. Bio organic fertilizer granulator and fertilizer equipment have greatly promoted agriculture, which also shows the position of biological fertilizer granulator in China.

With the acceleration of social progress and the rapid development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for material quality. In the future, people will demand more and more organic products, and green products will occupy the whole market. Let's introduce how the biological fertilizer granulator works.
bio organic fertilizer granulator

China produces a large amount of crop stalks every year. As far as the current use of stalks is concerned, about 30% of the stalks are directly used as fuel for rural life, 10% are used for livestock feed, 2-3% are used for industrial and sideline production, and 6% are directly returned to the field. . From the perspective of the development of the comprehensive utilization of straw, the comprehensive utilization technology of straw organic fertilizer can not only realize the multi-level utilization of straw, promote the development of animal husbandry and sideline industries, but also improve the ecological environment, promote the adjustment of rural industrial structure, ecological benefits, and social Benefits and economic benefits have increased simultaneously, maintaining sustainable agricultural development.

Biological fertilizer granulator can solve the problem of agricultural straw recycling, and is used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation. Organic fertilizer granulator breaks through the traditional organic matter granulation process. Raw materials need not be dried and crushed before granulation, spherical particles can be directly batched and processed, saving a lot of energy.

The traditional fertilization and garbage fertilization methods not only do harm to the environment, but also do not give full play to their role. With the application of more and more organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, as well as the development of fertilizer production line, granulating equipment such as biological fertilizer granulator has entered people's life and production.