Recommendations for rabbit manure organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers

What should we pay attention to when raising rabbits? Do you know? The following rabbit manure processing organic fertilizer manufacturing process Huaqiang equipment manufacturers to summarize a few points, hope to help.
rabbit manure organic fertilizer equipment

1. It is important to provide a comfortable environment and ensure a normal diet for rabbits. The rabbit is relatively timid. The quiet and leisurely environment can help the rabbit reduce various stress reactions. According to the provision of food, it can guarantee the daily nutritional needs of the rabbit and help the rabbit grow.

2. Be careful not to bathe rabbits at will. Changes in water temperature and stimulation of hair dryers may cause stress death of rabbits.

3. You need to pay attention when buying rabbit cages and rabbit feed. As rabbits are more afraid of heat, the owner needs to do a good job of preventing heatstroke in summer and avoid placing rabbits in direct sunlight.

4. The owner needs to avoid the rabbit being exposed to rain or feeding some food that has been exposed to the rain, and needs to provide the rabbit with clean drinking water and food, so as to ensure their normal metabolism.

5. Rabbits have a lot of feces and a strong smell of urine, so pay attention to cleaning when raising them at home to avoid bacterial growth.

If the scale of raising rabbits is relatively large, and the rabbit manure cannot be processed in time, it is recommended to use the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The rabbit manure can be fermented and decomposed harmlessly. The composting of mature rabbit manure can be granulated by fertilizer granulator and can be sold on the market. What is the price of complete set of organic fertilizer equipment for rabbit manure? Commonly used fertilizer manufacturing equipment, disc granulator, rabbit manure compost turner machine, fertilizer dryer, solve the problem of rabbit manure treatment.