What is the role of organic fertilizer production line equipment

Organic fertilizer production line equipment promotes agricultural production. Organic fertilizer has great significance in protecting good ecological environment and human health. The raw material resources of organic fertilizer production line are very rich, there are many kinds and large quantities. Commercial organic fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer equipment is an important source of fertilizer for agricultural production. Where there are agriculture and animal husbandry, where there are organic fertilizer sources, we need organic fertilizer equipment. Organic domestic waste in cities can also be used as one of the fertilizer sources of organic fertilizer production lines.

The more agriculture and animal husbandry develop, the more abundant the bio-organic fertilizer resources will be. Not only China, but also the United States, Germany, Africa, Australia and other countries are paying attention to organic fertilizer, so the organic fertilizer production line and processing equipment are particularly significant. Green manure, human manure, manure, biogas fertilizer and waste fertilizer are all raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer equipment. Organic fertilizers are mainly divided into feces, urine, composting, cake, peat, soil, municipal wastes and miscellaneous fertilizers. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic carbon nutrients, it can also provide a considerable number of medium, trace elements and amino acids, nucleic acid, sugar, vitamins and other organic nutrients. Because the nutrients in organic fertilizers are relatively complete, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free natural substances, which provides the necessary conditions for the production of high-yield, high-quality, pollution-free green food.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

Organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer production line is an important way to achieve high and stable yield of crops. The yield of grain crops such as wheat and maize increases with the increase of fertilizer application. The advantage of organic fertilizer shows its irreplaceability. Compared with chemical fertilizer, people will choose organic fertilizer accordingly. The professional equipment processing and production of organic fertilizer production line can reduce the cost of fertilizer production, effectively reduce the cost of agricultural production and reduce environmental pollution. The equipment of organic fertilizer production line meets the requirements of sustainable development of modern agriculture.