Several Performance Characteristics of Organic Fertilizer Dumper


1. The tipper machine carries out high wear-resistant heat treatment on the pressure roller and flat die, so the cost of high wear-resistant accessories is relatively low, the particle strength is high, and the particle forming rate is high.

2. The dumper solves the problems of difficult granulation and poor effect of biological coarse fiber. The ring mold adopts quick release hoop type, and the main machine adopts belt drive.

3. Adjust the clearance between the pressure wheel of the upender and the formwork. The proper pressure can make the compactness reach a good effect and the grain ripening degree.

4. Make sure that the door cover is equipped with a forced feeder, and the feeding is even. The fully automatic control electric heating device designed can immediately adjust the dry and humidity of materials. The principle of two-way rotation of the thrust bearing can be used to automatically adjust the pressure angle, so that the materials will not be stuffy or crowded.

5. With automatic hydraulic adjustment and manual rotation, we will leave a lot of straw in the field every time we harvest.

6. The machine has a wide range of applications. The heating and heating industry in cities, hotels, restaurants, baths and other industries have solved the problem that the use of coal-fired boilers does not meet the environmental requirements, and solved the problem that the cost of fuel oil is more than ten times higher than that of straw coal.

7. However, it is reasonable to use the ring mold machine as the main equipment of large-scale biomass particle enterprises. The pressure is adjusted by two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure wheel.

8. The aging of the main machine system of the reactor and the slow rotation speed of the main machine lead to the different frequency of particles. Some powders come out of the outlet without being treated. This phenomenon is now

It's rare.

9. The particles produced by the agitator are spherical, and the organic content can be up to 100%, realizing pure organic matter granulation.