Several types of fertilizer and its effect on crop growth

Fertilizer is one of the material bases of agricultural production. There are many kinds of fertilizer. Each kind of fertilizer plays a different role in the growth and development of crops.

Compound fertilizer

The chemical fertilizer containing two or more nutrient elements has the advantages of high nutrient content, few by-components and good physical properties. It plays an important role in balancing fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high and stable yield of crops. NPK fertilizer production line is industrialized to produce compound fertilizer particles suitable for different crops.

Humic acid fertilizer

The fertilizer is made of peat, lignite and weathered coal as the main raw materials by chemical treatment such as acid or alkali and a small amount of inorganic fertilizer. It is rich in humic acid and a certain amount of nutrients.
Effect: loose soil, increase soil temperature, improve anion exchange capacity and buffer capacity of soil.

Compound microbial fertilizer

It refers to the combination of specific microorganisms and nutrients, which can provide, maintain or improve plant nutrition. Huaqiang organic fertilizer production equipment can produce special commodity organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, improve the output of agricultural products, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Bio organic fertilizer

It refers to a kind of fertilizer with microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effect, which is composed of specific functional microorganisms and organic materials which mainly come from animal and plant residues and are treated innocuously and decomposed. Organic fertilizer granulator processes the rotten compost into organic fertilizer particles.
Bio organic fertilizer
1. Bio organic fertilizer improves the soil and improves the soil hardening;
2. Provide various nutrients and irritants for crops to promote and control crop growth;
3. To enhance the ability of resistance to stress and disease and to reduce the disease index of continuous cropping crops, the continuous cropping obstacle can be greatly alleviated.

Bulk Blending fertilizer machine

A compound fertilizer made by mixing several granular single or compound fertilizers in a certain proportion. The nutrient is comprehensive, the concentration is high, the pertinence is strong, the BB fertilizer machine is simple. The formula of mixed fertilizer is flexible and can be changed according to the different conditions of crop nutrition, soil fertility and yield level.
Bulk Blending fertilizer