Maintenance of compound fertilizer equipment in winter rain and snow

In cold area, how to maintain compound fertilizer equipment reasonably in winter? It is necessary to maintain the compound fertilizer equipment in rainy and snowy weather in winter, so what are the precautions when running NPK fertilizer production line in cold winter, and how to achieve better maintenance.

1. When the compound fertilizer equipment is not in use, every fertilizer processing equipment should be cleaned from inside to outside. If the fund is sufficient, a set of special dust cover can be customized for the equipment.

2. In addition, due to the large temperature change in winter, the low temperature will slow down the speed when the equipment starts or runs. It is recommended to add oil to the equipment to improve the lubricity of various parts of the equipment.

3. When the compound fertilizer equipment is turned on, it is recommended not to set the speed. You should give the equipment a buffer time and wait for the equipment to warm up before changing the level slowly.

4. There is also a common phenomenon that is easy to be overlooked. It is easy for employees to come in and out in snowy weather to cause the indoor floor to be wet and the equipment to be wet. It is recommended that you use a drying machine to dry the moisture in the room after the work.

NPK fertilizer production line
5. At present, the main compound fertilizer equipment such as disc fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and dryer are mostly made of iron, which is poorly stored, easily rusted, and shortens the service life. It should be dismantled in winter, coated with rust-proof paint, and stored in a dry and ventilated place.

6. When the rubber parts of the compound fertilizer equipment are damped or stained with oil, they are easy to age and crack, thus shortening their service life.

NPK fertilizer production line
7. The motor of fertilizer granulator machine is not used for a long time, and it should be placed in a ventilated, dry and clean warehouse. If the motor is placed in a place easy to be wet by rain, the motor will be damped and the insulation performance will decline.

Equipment is a good helper for our production and operation. Reasonable maintenance of compound fertilizer equipment in winter and daily work is an essential work. Hope you can pay attention to it.