Simple Equipment for Producing Compound Fertilizer with Multiple Disc Granulators

Disc granulator is a common equipment in compound fertilizer granulation process. It is suitable for the medium and low concentration NPK compound fertilizer production line process. The output of single disc granulator is small. Its main working component is a rotating inclined disc, which can classify the size of granules in granulation production. In order to increase the output of disc granulator in NPK fertilizer production line, we designed a multi-disc granulator to increase the disc granulation ability.

Multiple disc granulator production process
Compound fertilizer powder was put into four disc granulator, the disc granulator rotated continuously, and the raw materials were made into granules. Particles made by four disc granulators are fed into the belt conveyor together. All compound fertilizer particles are fed into the drum screening machine together. At last, qualified particles are selected by the screening machine and sent to the packaging machine.

Our factory has installed a unique cleaning device for the disc granulator. The scraper can be adjusted and replaced, which improves the efficiency of the disc granulator. The continuous running time of the granulator is long and the continuous running time is long. The disc granulator has powerful functions, guarantees the effect of pelletizing, improves production efficiency, and improves product quality and output. At the same time, the motor power consumption of cleaning scraper is reduced, which realizes energy saving and consumption reduction, and ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment.
disc granulator production machine

The multi disc granulator production line we designed saves the drying and cooling system, simplifies the production of NPK compound fertilizer to the greatest extent, reduces the running consumption of equipment and saves investment, but the particle strength is not as good as that of products with drying and cooling treatment. You can refer to the process of disc granulation production line with drying and cooling: the process flow of bio-organic fertilizer disc granulation production line equipment

Advantages of producing compound fertilizer by multiple disc granulators
1) The equipment investment is low and the whole NPK fertilizer production line is efficient.
2) The formula of disc granulator is flexible and easy to adjust.
3) The worker's labor intensity is small and the output is large.
4) The finished product of disc granulator has uniform content and good particle quality.