How much does it cost to build a chicken manure organic fertilizer plant

Construction of a chicken manure organic fertilizer plant is mainly spent on infrastructure investment of the site and investment in organic fertilizer production equipment. In terms of capital investment, chicken manure organic fertilizer plants are usually built near chicken farms, which can easily handle chicken manure. There should be a special place near the chicken farm to deal with chicken manure, such as chicken manure fermentation tank. According to the production scale of the organic fertilizer plant, it is necessary to build an organic fertilizer production workshop. Organic fertilizer production workshop specializes in the finishing of organic fertilizer equipment. The cost of organic fertilizer production equipment is generally between $20,000 and $200,000.

Treatment of chicken manure fermentation site
Fermentation is the first step in the production of organic fertilizer from chicken manure. Chicken manure discharged from low-bed chicken house and high-bed chicken house can be used as fertilizer because of long-term accumulation of nitrogen. The decrease of nitrogen is due to the decomposition of uric acid into ammonia and volatilization. Chicken manure composting treatment can reduce the loss of nitrogen and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Open composting can be used to treat chicken manure from closed chicken house with less ammonia loss. In the process of chicken manure composting fermentation, the bacteria that decompose uric acid need air environment, and the organic matter in chicken manure can decompose well. Calcium lime and other binders are added to the composting materials, and finally the sludge composting is formed. During fermentation, fermentation materials were stirred by groove turning machine to accelerate chicken manure fermentation. After fermentation, chicken manure was transferred to the decomposition zone for secondary decomposition.
turning machine for chicken manure fermentationorganic fertilizer plant

Organic fertilizer production equipment mainly includes trough turning machine, crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, packing machine. According to the different investment scale of organic fertilizer equipment, different scale equipment configuration can be selected to increase or decrease equipment.