SSP MAP SOP NPK fertilizer production process and equipment

NPK fertilizer production process combines multiple nutrient elements to produce multiple fertilizers that meet the needs of crops. Slow controlled release fertilizer can effectively reduce the nitrate content of chemical fertilizer to groundwater, reduce the eutrophication of surface water caused by water pollution, improve the quality of agricultural products, prevent input pollution, and achieve extremely significant ecological and environmental benefits.

Long term application of single chemical fertilizer has many disadvantages

1. Long-term application will lead to the accumulation of salt and the decrease of pH in the soil, so that the physical and chemical properties of the soil will be reduced and the soil will tend to harden.
2. Reduce product quality.
3. The utilization rate of crops to nutrients is very low, only 30% - 40%.

NPK fertilizer production line can process SSP, map, DAP, SOP and other commonly used fertilizer for various plants. According to the different formula, the production equipment can adjust the process flexibly. In the whole NPK fertilizer production line equipment processing process, each link of the equipment is not immutable, customers can choose different equipment composition according to their own economic situation and different final requirements for products. Such as fertilizer granulator, we have rotary drum granulator, double roller extrusion granulator, disc fertilizer granulator, etc., so the whole set of NPK fertilizer production lines are also very different.
NPK fertilizer production line

Characteristics and main properties of slow and controlled release fertilizer:

  • (1) The total nutrient content is high.
  • (2) The controlled release period of nutrients was 40-90 days.
  • (3) Fertilizer particles≥3mm.

The above is the material selection requirements of NPK fertilizer production line and the advantages of coated fertilizer. Moreover, the production of this coated fertilizer is relatively simple compared with other fertilizers, and it is also the choice of fertilizer manufacturers just entering the industry. Huaqiang Equipment Company can provide you with the most suitable fertilizer granulator machine, the most professional production technology and process, and strive for the greatest advantage in the competition.