Ball forming principle of compound fertilizer powder disc granulation

During the processing of compound fertilizer powder, there are many factors affecting the pelletizing rate of the disc granulator, but the influence of each parameter does not exist in isolation, but is interrelated and contained. In the NPK fertilizer production line, the relationship between the parameters should be adjusted according to the actual situation, and reasonable configuration should be made to achieve the best ball formation rate.

Ball forming principle of disc fertilizer granulator

The disc is installed at a certain angle of inclination. The material in the rotating disc rolls rapidly with the rotation of the disc body. When it rises to the highest position, it falls vertically under the block of the scraper. In the process of disk rotation, the particles are squeezed and rolled with the disk wall under the action of centrifugal force. As a result of these comprehensive mechanical extrusion, rolling, collision, powder materials are gathered together to form a "mother ball" with the help of the surface tension of the liquid phase. With the increase of the "mother ball", the particles are gradually spheroidized into complete particles, from small to large, the strength is gradually improved and the granulation process is completed until the particle size of the finished product overflows from the edge of the disk. The disc granulator has a good classification function, which continuously makes the powder material grow from small to large from the bottom of the disc, forming particles to overflow into the outer disc. As the diameter of the outer disc increases, the linear speed of particle rolling suddenly increases. The particles are rolled and rubbed to form spherical particles. The larger particles are blocked from overflowing into the hopper by the discharge plate and sent to the next process by the belt conveyor.
disc fertilizer granulator

Because in the production of compound fertilizer, the physical and chemical properties and raw materials of each basic powder fertilizer are different, the proportions are different. Due to the influence of different fertilizer types, in order to achieve a high balling rate, the parameters of the fertilizer granulator machine should be appropriately adjusted according to the specific conditions to obtain the best granulation effect and improve production capacity.