Three advantages of organic fertilizer making machine processing manure straw

Now, when it comes to livestock manure treatment, we can definitely think of organic fertilizer making machine. With organic fertilizer equipment, the livestock and poultry manure produced in the breeding site can be treated without pollution. The livestock and poultry manure can be fermented into organic fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer can be applied to the land to improve the soil environment and increase the soil organic matter. With the organic fertilizer production line, on the one hand, the pollution of livestock and poultry manure has been solved, and on the other hand, the soil environment has been improved.

In addition to recycling organic waste, organic fertilizer machines also need to have the characteristics of low cost, advanced technology, environmental protection and energy saving to make the organic fertilizer production line more effective. Organic fertilizer production mainly uses livestock manure, household garbage, and field straw as raw materials. Using these has the following advantages.

1. Low cost, easy to operate

The complete set of organic fertilizer equipment is an automatic production machinery. According to different seasons and different weather and temperature, the heat preservation facilities and feeding system of the equipment are also different, that is, the so-called bacterial growth environment is different, and fermentation occurs in the later period. The more sufficient, the faster the corresponding production speed.

2. Environmental protection, energy saving and tasteless

It does not need a lot of energy consumption to start the organic fertilizer equipment, and the energy consumption of double roller granulator is lower. Moreover, the operation of the organic fertilizer production line has the characteristics of no pollution and good ventilation. The tipper occupies a small area and has deodorization function. It can remove the odor of livestock manure in two days and achieve the effect of fresh air.
organic fertilizer making machine processing manure straw

3. The equipment structure is compact and the production technology is advanced

In the whole production process, the organic fertilizer machine has a relatively compact structure, which is more suitable for use in a harmless and beneficial microorganism fermentation environment. It can fully decompose organic matter and release nutrients. The formed bioheat and high temperature fermentation process can kill germs and eggs , Detoxification and deodorization, purification of the environment, to achieve harmlessness, resource utilization and industrialization. The organic fertilizer equipment has low energy consumption, and the product quality after processing by the drum granulator is stable.