Trough mechanical turn-over composting machine

Composting is a kind of organic fertilizer, which is composed of various plant residues (crop straw, weeds, leaves, peat, garbage and other wastes) as the main raw materials and mixed with human and animal manure and urine by composting and decomposition. Modern composting technology can be divided into stacking composting, fermentation tank composting and silo composting. 
The trough fermentation composting process has the advantages of small area, high composting efficiency, high accumulation of fermentation materials, large turnover yield and complete material turnover. The fermentation site has better control effect, and composting fermentation is not affected by bad weather.

The principle of trough composting technology is as follows: 
Firstly, the composting raw materials are treated, the carbon-nitrogen ratio and water content of livestock manure and straw powder are adjusted, and the mixtures are piled in the fermentation tank of the composting workshop for aerobic fermentation. Laying ventilation pipe at the bottom of fermentation tank is helpful for aerobic fermentation of compost. The trough dumper not only accelerates the fermentation of compost, but also has the function of crushing and stirring. Tank fermentation compost can be decomposed in 20-30 days to meet the requirement of harmless.

Trough turn-over composting machine:
According to the characteristics of trough composting fermentation,our factory has designed two trough turning machines, simple compost turning machine and double screws compost turning machine. These two kinds of turners are more popular in selling turners.
simple compost turning machine
The simple compost turner processes the compost, and the fermented material can be continuously put into the fermentation tank in batches to achieve continuous production of compost. The turning machine has high working efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, and even stacking. The turner moves on a fixed track, which is highly automated and saves manpower.

Double screws compost turner is suitable for aerobic fermentation in large-scale organic fertilizer plant. It is used in conjunction with solar energy fermentation chamber and fermentation tank. The fermentation tank matched with it can discharge both continuously and in batches. The double screws compost turner has high efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, uniform turning, and has the characteristics of wide turning width and wide span.
double screws compost turning machine