What is the process of making organic fertilizer

The process of making organic fertilizer is to use livestock and poultry manure as the main raw material, inoculate fermentation agent, use organic fertilizer production process and microbial technology, completely kill pathogens and parasite eggs, and produce a nutritious commercial organic fertilizer.

Industrialized organic fertilizer fermentation treatment
In the process of organic fertilizer production, the pre-fermentation treatment of organic fertilizer is very important. The addition of decomposing fungi in fermentation materials has a great effect on improving fertilizer efficiency. Organic fast decomposition agent is composed of a variety of microorganisms, which helps microorganisms in compost to maintain a long and stable decomposition, and is not easily polluted by foreign seedlings. So compost fermentation is easy and low cost.
The mechanical fermentation treatment system of organic fertilizer consists of raw material ingredients, fermentation tank and automatic turner. Various raw materials were mixed with nutrients and water according to the conditions of microbial fermentation. Organic decomposition agent was inoculated and stacked in the fermentation tank. In the fermentation tank, the air, water and temperature needed in the fermentation process were adjusted by the compost turner to promote fermentation. The compost turner can use the track structure turn over the material with high power efficiency. The equipment is simple, low energy consumption and high treatment efficiency. Compost turning machine is an important production equipment of fermented organic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer fermentation treatment

Organic fertilizer production process and organic fertilizer machine
Organic fertilizer production line process includes: organic material fermentation (adding fermenting agent), crushing the organic fertilizer after fermentation, adding NPK and other ingredients, mixing, organic fertilizer granulation, drying, cooling, particle screening, metering packaging. The main equipment used in the organic fertilizer production line are fermentation tank, crusher, mixer, compost turner equipment, belt conveyor equipment, cylinder screener, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, fertilizer packing machine, etc.
 Organic fertilizer production process