Uniqueness of organic fertilizer granulation process equipment for different crops and soils

Compound bio-organic fertilizer contains organic fertilizer, acidic inorganic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, trace element fertilizer and plant auxin, etc., and has high organic matter content, strong biological activity, and significantly improves soil structure, enhances soil fertility, water retention and fertilizer retention and other advantages, the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is particularly suitable for formulating special fertilizers for different crops.

Organic matter is very important to soil, and timely and appropriate supplementation of soil organic matter is of great significance for maintaining soil fertility and physical and chemical properties. Taking fruit tree planting as an example, organic fertilizer has played a good role in improving the internal quality of the fruit, improving the appearance and color of the fruit, and increasing the yield. However, the issue of antibiotics and heavy metals in chicken manure needs to be paid attention to. Root burns caused by improper use also occur from time to time. Every grower needs to choose organic fertilizer manufacturing technology products reasonably and use fertilizers correctly.
organic fertilizer for different crops and soils

Organic fertilizer granulator is a special equipment which uses wet granulation to produce granular fertilizer from rotten chicken manure, sheep manure, cow manure, pig manure, straw and other organic materials. It can produce products with different formulations to meet the market demand.