The utilization of cocoa waste to produce organic fertilizer

During the processing of cocoa beans, there are a lot of waste, such as pod shell, seed coat, seed embryo, etc. These wastes are processed and have certain use value. Cocoa waste is mainly pod shell, which contains more protein and fiber, and can be used as feed or organic fertilizer.

Pod shell is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Because the cocoa tree needs more potassium and the potassium carbonate content in the pod shell is higher, the pod shell is very suitable for the production of organic fertilizer raw materials. Cocoa seed coat is also suitable for use as organic fertilizer. The fertilizer made from seed coat can reduce soil viscosity and act as humus. Seed coat is not easy to decompose. In the fermentation of organic fertilizer, the seed coat needs to be pre-treated, crushed into small pieces of material, and then compost fermentation.

Making organic fertilizer from cocoa waste can be divided into two stages: compost fermentation and organic fertilizer production equipment processing .
cocoa organic fertilizer fermentation
Fermentation composting of cocoa waste
The weight of the pod shell accounts for a large part of the weight of the cocoa fruit itself. The pod shell is usually discarded in situ after the cocoa beans are taken out. And the pod shell has great value. Therefore, the principle of proximity should be adopted in the selection of organic fertilizer production sites to facilitate the fermentation of raw materials.

Cocoa processing waste (pod shell, seed coat) was put into fermentation tank, chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other animal manure were added to regulate raw materials. After high temperature fermentation, harmful bacteria were killed.

Processing cocoa compost with organic fertilizer production equipment
The fermented compost is manufactured into fertilizer products by industrial process in organic fertilizer production equipment. The basic fertilizer equipment for processing cocoa compost includes fertilizer crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler and packing machine. Different fertilizer products can be produced by different processing technologies.