What are the advantages of mixing NPK fertilizer with disc mixer machine

Disc mixer is used for mixing materials in organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line. The motor drives the reducer to run, the reducer drives the main shaft, and the main shaft drives the mixing teeth to mix the materials.

What are the advantages of disc mixer?

1. The fertilizer disc mixer has high mixing efficiency, and covers a small area. It can also be used safely in industries with tight space.

2. The spiral blade used for stirring is made of high wear-resistant special alloy, which increases the service life.
3. The double-shaft wet mixer is driven by a reducer, which rotates smoothly and has low noise.

4. The fertilizer disc mixer has a reasonable structure, feeding from the top and discharging from the bottom, and the bottom material enters the NPK fertilizer granulator for the next stage of processing.

5. The joint surfaces of the fertilizer disc mixer are tightly sealed, no leakage, dust-free mixing, and stable operation.