How to adjust the nozzle of fertilizer disc granulator

The disc granulator adds water to the material through the nozzle on the disc so that the material can be rolled into granules. When purchasing disc granulator, it is necessary to select and adjust the nozzle, so as to ensure the granulation effect of organic fertilizer making machine.

The working principle of nozzle must be mastered when selecting nozzle

According to hydrodynamics, it has been proved that when the liquid is ejected from the nozzle of disc granulator, the greater the pressure is, the smaller the through hole is, and the larger the droplet diffusion surface is. Under the same pressure, the spray hole of the nozzle is small, the droplet density is small; the spray hole is large, the droplet density is large.

1. The smaller (or larger) the droplets of the feed liquid are, the smaller (or larger) the particle size is, and the lower (or higher) the output.

2. The denser (or thinner) the droplets of the feed liquid, the more (or less) the number of feedstocks, the higher (or lower) the output.