What is biofertilizer and production plant

Organic fertilizer has various kinds, and bio-organic fertilizer is the leader. Biofertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which combines microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Bio-organic fertilizer products contain not only high organic matter but also microorganisms with specific functions. The microorganisms contained in bio-organic fertilizer products should show certain fertilizer effects, such as enhancing soil fertility, manufacturing and assisting crops to absorb nutrients, activating insoluble compounds in soil for crops to absorb and utilize, or It produces a variety of active substances and anti-disease and anti-disease substances. Biofertilizer can stimulate and regulate the growth of crops, reduce or reduce the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Biofertilizer production plant mainly includes fertilizer granulator machine, crusher, mixer, drum screener and so on. Compared with ordinary organic fertilizer, the technology content of biofertilizer production is relatively high. In addition to adding microbial agents to promote the maturation and decomposition of organic materials in the process of decomposition, in order to achieve the purpose of directional decomposition and deodorization, microorganisms with specific functions need to be added in the production to enhance the effect of products.

The fertilizer machine manufacturers will remind you that biofertilizer is different from ordinary organic fertilizer in production process. In biofertilizer production plant, it is no different from ordinary organic fertilizer production equipment. The only difference is how to protect functional bacteria and improve the survival rate of bacteria in the production process, so as to maximize fertilizer efficiency.
biofertilizer production plant

The following five points should be paid attention to when the
biofertilizer production plant is processed:

(1) When processing and producing fertilizers, the drying temperature should not exceed 80℃, otherwise the number of viable bacteria in biological fertilizers would be affected.

(2) In storing and transporting biofertilizers, dampness or rain should be avoided;

(3) In the production process of biofertilizer, direct sunlight should be avoided.

(4) The physical, chemical and biological factors of soil must be taken into account when using biofertilizer.

(5) Biofertilizer can not be used with pesticides and physiological acid fertilizers at the same time.