What equipment is needed for a simple fertilizer manufacturing process

If granular organic fertilizer is produced, the organic fertilizer manufacturing process needs to add an organic fertilizer granulator and dryer. The annual output of 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer generally does not require a cooler. The investment is not large, the factory site can be large or small, and generally requires 3 to 5 acres of land in total.

The domestic sludge, kitchen waste and livestock manure processed by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process have truly realized the resource utilization. We configure appropriate fertilizer equipment according to the requirements of different customers. The simplest organic fertilizer production line includes: wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, double roller granulator, drum screening machine, and packaging machine. This configuration needs a lot of manpower input to produce. For example, the fermentation of raw materials needs manpower to turn over piles. The production efficiency is relatively low, so it is suitable for the use of small farms.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Granular organic fertilizer increases the steps of granulation, drying, cooling, etc. Although some investment in equipment has been increased, the density of the fertilizer has increased, which is suitable for machine seeding or spreading, and it is not easy to be blown away even in windy days.

NPK fertilizer granulator is suitable for organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of less than 50,000 tons. The extrusion molding of roller granulator is generally coordinated with the roller press granulator production line, which is specialized for the application of inorganic fertilizer. The key equipment of the roller granulator production line includes horizontal mixer, disc feeder, double roller granulator, drum screening equipment, hopper, quantitative packing scale, etc. However, the processing technology of granular organic fertilizer is complicated. In order to better consider the total capital budget, if the total output is relatively large, it is suggested that users should provide multiple disc granulators or a single NPK fertilizer granulator.