Organic fertilizer equipment double shaft mixer with high mixing uniformity

There are many types of Huaqiang organic fertilizer making machine - mixers, such as vertical mixers, single-shaft horizontal mixers, pan mixers and double axis mixers. Here we mainly introduce the characteristics of the double shaft conveying mixer.
double shaft mixer

Double axis fertilizer mixer

The materials enter the tank body of the mixer through the feeding port. The two mixing shafts rotate reversely under the motor drive. The mixing shaft is equipped with mixing blades. The mixing blades are distributed in a spiral line on the mixing shaft. The materials are driven by the rotation of the mixing blades and then move in the same direction to complete the mixing effect.

In the overlapping area between the two mixing shafts of the double shaft conveying mixer, materials with different rotation directions are extruded and kneaded with each other, which improves the mixing effect of materials. When investors choose small organic fertilizer production line, fecal powder fertilizer production line, chicken manure granular fertilizer production line and disc granulator production line, we will select mixing equipment according to the process requirements. The double axis mixer is suitable for many kinds of fertilizer production processes.