Why can only fermented organic fertilizer be used


Why organic fertilizer needs fermentation

Some people engaged in planting will build a rectangular cement tank, store the chicken manure in the tank for fermentation, and then wash it with water after fermentation. This is a better way to treat organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can only be used after full fermentation, otherwise it will burn roots and seedlings. It is convenient and practical to set up fermentation tank nearby, which is more conducive to environment cleanness and kill two birds with one stone. It can also use the professional organic fertilizer production equipment to ferment the manure of livestock and poultry.
chicken manure ferment organic fertilizer

Production and processing of organic fertilizer

In the production and processing of organic fertilizer, the important step is fermentation. If the fermentation is not thorough enough, the organic fertilizer can not meet the standard of organic fertilizer. The most important equipment for organic fertilizer processing is organic fertilizer granulator and fermentation dumper. When purchasing organic fertilizer machine, we must select professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, who will provide reasonable purchase suggestions for customers and save unnecessary investment for users.
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