Different scale organic fertilizer granulation equipment to meet user needs

With the development of agriculture, technological progress and various needs, the equipment of organic fertilizer granulation is constantly updated. The organic fertilizer granulator can granulate various organic substances, which breaks the limitations and obstacles of the traditional process. Moreover, it is not necessary to stop the processing of raw materials before crushing and crushing, which can directly realize the processing of ingredients and direct granulation, which not only saves a small amount of power input, but also effectively reduces costs, improves efficiency, and has a satisfactory effect. 

Organic fertilizer granulation equipment also achieves high organic content and the production of pure organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizer granulation equipment produced by Huaqiang equipment enterprise has the characteristics of multiple models, diverse technologies and diverse parameters, which meet the needs of users of different sizes.
organic fertilizer granulation equipment

Organic fertilizer granulation equipment can process fertilizer into granules, of which fertilizer granulation is an important process in organic fertilizer production equipment, and the quality of granulation affects the quality of the finished fertilizer. The advantages of organic fertilizer granulation equipment are obvious. It can evenly distribute some different nutrients, and evenly mix the nutrition, so that it can play a greater role in the land.

Organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer granulator equipment is relatively concentrated in nutrition. If it is not well differentiated after being transported to the field, it will cause uneven distribution of nutrition. In this way, the organic fertilizer will lose most of its role, resulting in excessive nutrition in a piece of land and too little distribution of half of the land, so the effect is very unsatisfactory. So the function of organic fertilizer granulation equipment is to granulate organic fertilizer. For example, the granules made by the disc fertilizer granulator are spherical, which is convenient for spreading and storage, and achieves the purpose of slow release of fertilizer effect.