Why to use sulphur coated urea fertilizer

With the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural science and technology, the promotion of high-yield varieties, the improvement of land re cultivation index, and the vigorous development of economic crops, flowers and urban greening. The growth of crops and the ecological balance of nutrients in the soil are becoming more and more serious, and the phenomenon of crop sulfur deficiency is becoming more and more serious.

Sulfur-coated urea fertilizer has become a popular fertilizer product on the market. It is coated with a layer of sulfur and other trace elements on the outside of the urea through a coating machine, powdering machine, etc., so that the fertilizer nutrients are slowly released. It is different from the compound fertilizer rotary drum granulator processing technology.
sulphur coated urea fertilizer production process

Why to use sulphur coated urea fertilizer

1. Sulfur-coated urea can improve the fertilizer utilization rate, which is similar to the granular fertilizer made by the disc granulator, and can control the release rate of fertilizer nutrients. In particular, it can greatly increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and increase the fertilizer efficiency by nearly double, which can significantly reduce agricultural investment and protect the environment.
2. Greatly increase crop yield. Application on different soil and crops has a good effect on increasing production.
3. Sulfur coated urea fertilizer can improve the product quality of crops.
4. The fertilizer can be used as a soil conditioner and has a good effect on the treatment of saline alkali land.
5. Reduce labor input.

One time application of sulfur coated urea fertilizer can meet the needs of various growth stages of crops. With the high cost and shortage of modern agricultural labor, the application of sulfur coated urea in some crops also shows its characteristics. For example, planting sugarcane, because the growth period of sugarcane is several months, it is not easy to carry out mechanized fertilization after sugarcane crown is closed. At the early stage of self growth, single fertilization can meet the needs of crops, which is welcomed by sugarcane farmers. Strawberries grown in plastic mulch are also easy to apply nitrogen fertilizer, so 70% of strawberry growers in California use sulfur coated waste.

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