Huaqiang equipment global supply - NPK fertilizer production line shipped to Indonesia

Huaqiang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. We are mainly engaged in fertilizer granulator, compost fermentation dumper, organic fertilizer granulator, NPK fertilizer production line, fertilizer particle production line and other assembly line supporting equipment. Our company production and sales integration, with a perfect after-sales team, is your safe choice.

The fertilizer equipment we produce is continuously supplied to the world, which solves the local fertilizer needs of many countries and regions. Yesterday, our factory loaded another vehicle of equipment to the port, which is a NPK fertilizer production line, ready to export to Indonesia. Indonesian customers have ordered a whole NPK fertilizer production line in our company, including batching system, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, packaging machine, etc. After working hard for many days, the goods will be delivered according to the time limit of the signed contract.

The picture shows the batching system
batching systembatching system
A set of fertilizer automatic batching equipment is composed of several batching bins and automatic batching machines. In the production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and mixed fertilizer, the proportioning system can accurately proportioning, control the proportion of various nutrients, and ensure the quality of products. The automation of batching and weighing system reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the accuracy of batching. It is an indispensable set of equipment in NPK fertilizer production line.
The automatic batching and weighing system adopts weight controller and sensor, which can carry out quantitative, batching and control of materials, and automatically modify the drop. The automatic batching machine has the advantages of reasonable arrangement, compact structure, simple operation, accurate batching and reliable control.
Indonesia NPK fertilizer production lineIndonesia NPK fertilizer production line

After the equipment is delivered, we have a series of after-sales services. Soon our after-sales personnel will come to the customer's site for debugging and installation, teach the customer to use it, and believe that the fertilizer production of the customer will be more smoothly carried out because of these equipment!