Huaqiang organic fertilizer equipment factory exports hot air stove

Yesterday, Huaqiang factory loaded and exported a hot air stove equipment, which will be sent to Nigeria for local organic fertilizer processing.
hot air stovehot air stove

Advantages of hot air stove in organic fertilizer production

The fuel of hot air stove can be natural gas, diesel oil or solid fuel, such as coal and coke. After combustion reaction, the high-temperature combustion gas of the fuel contacts with the air, contacts with the dried materials in the dryer, and the hot air heats and evaporates the moisture in the particles, so as to obtain the organic fertilizer products with qualified moisture content.

The hot air stove passed the production test of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers to prove: the heating area is large and the amount of hot air is sufficient, which greatly reduces the temperature difference between the head and the tail of the dryer. The stable heat supply of the organic fertilizer production equipment makes it easier to control the moisture of the pellets within the specified range. The tests in our factory have proved that the hot air stove is used in the production of organic fertilizer to control the water content of the product, solve the problem of fertilizer agglomeration, and reduce the amount of anti-caking agent at the same time, and reduce the production cost.

Composition of organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer production equipment is not a single kind of equipment. Many customers will ask before purchasing: how do you sell your organic fertilizer equipment? How much is one? We will patiently answer: the organic fertilizer equipment is composed of a variety of equipment, including fertilizer granulator machine (flat die pellet mill, disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator), crusher, dryer, screening machine, packaging machine, as well as a number of auxiliary equipment, which together is a whole production line. According to your production needs combined with the actual situation, choose different equipment to integrate a production line. And the production volume is different, the equipment model is different, and the price is also different.

Then, in the production process of the entire organic fertilizer, what steps go through: first, the fermentation of organic waste is mature, and the fermentation turning equipment should be used. Then there is the grinding of organic fertilizer raw materials, followed by mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, finished product packaging and other processes.