Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Equipment Huaqiang Factory Delivery

Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers are well-known manufacturer of fertilizer machinery in China. We have a good reputation at home and have many cooperation experiences with foreign countries. We export a series of fertilizer processing equipment with reliable product quality, which is also the premise of our cooperation with customers, perfect service, to achieve mutual win-win.
Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers' fertilizer equipment delivery site as shown in the figure, such as half-wet material crusher, belt conveyor, mixer, etc.
rtilizer manufacturing process delivery

Composition of main equipment in fertilizer manufacturing process
1. Function of fermentation compost turner: Fermentation compost turner is used for fermentation of materials in fermentation composting process.
2. Function of organic fertilizer crusher: Crushing and pulverizing raw materials such as high humidity materials in the production process.
3. Function of fertilizer mixer: Mixing various raw materials.
4. Function of fertilizer granulator: Granulate the mixed material, and the granular fertilizer is easy to screen and package.
5. Function of fertilizer dryer: Dry the granular materials with humidity.
6. Function of fertilizer cooler: Cooling material quickly after drying, increasing production efficiency.
7. Rotary drum screening machine function: Screening and grading of manufactured fertilizers.
8. Function of fertilizer coating machine: Coat the granules to prevent fertilizer caking effectively.
9. Function of automatic weighing and packing machine: Quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products.

After the fermentation, the organic fertilizer raw material enters the organic fertilizer crusher and is crushed into powder. The powder enters the fertilizer mixer and adds auxiliary materials for stirring. After stirring uniformly, the granule is made into granulator and the granule is made into granule. The granule moisture is reduced to 10-20% in the dryer. Then it is cooled in the rotary cooler. After cooling, it is screened in the screening machine, and the unqualified granule is screened out. The product is re-crushed by the recycling belt conveyor, and the finished product can be directly packaged after screening.