Huaqiang big angle belt conveyor to Malaysia successfully loaded

On May 23, Huaqiang NPK fertilizer granulator factory sent large angle belt conveyor to Malaysia, which was successfully sent to the port after installation and commissioning.
Malaysia order large angle belt conveyor delivery

The operation characteristics of big angle belt conveyor

1. The motor can be started without load to reduce the impact on electrical appliances and machinery;

2. It can provide adjustable, smooth and impact free starting torque and realize power balance under multi motor drive;

3. When the belt conveyor is overloaded, it can realize automatic overload protection;

4. The transmission efficiency can reach 100% in normal operation;

5. It can realize stepless speed regulation and high speed regulation sensitivity to meet different work needs.

6. The full load stop of the belt conveyor is a difficult braking condition. Reliable brake device shall be set to ensure the normal stop and emergency stop. 7. If the parking deceleration is too high during braking, the dynamic vibration of the belt will be caused, which will cause the local tension of the belt to be too high or too low, which may cause the occurrence of ribbon, local belt sagging and scattering.
Malaysia order large angle belt conveyor deliveryMalaysia order large angle belt conveyor delivery

Large angle belt conveyor saves labor and improves the efficiency of material transportation. Especially in the fertilizer production industry, the materials required by the disc granulator are sent by the conveyor, and the particles made are sent to the next link.

Large angle belt conveyor has a certain slope foot, most of the power loss occurs in the lifting operation of the conveyor belt. If the high angle belt conveyor is completely the working condition of horizontal transportation, the driving power required is lower, and the energy-saving effect is more obvious. Its main advantages are energy-saving, and its production efficiency is high. There is almost no deviation phenomenon in the belt conveyor with large angle of inclination, which reduces the unbalanced stress condition of the belt, and the tension is small, the service life is longer, and the maintenance cost is lower.

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