NPK compound fertilizer equipment to Malaysia is loaded at Huaqiang factory

On April 8, after the hard work of workers in Huaqiang fertilizer equipment factory, a set of NPK fertilizer production line equipment was successfully loaded into trucks and transported to the port. This set of compound fertilizer production equipment is designed and manufactured by Huaqiang factory and exported to Malaysia, which solves the processing needs of the local fertilizer factory.
NPK compound fertilizer equipment to MalaysiaNPK compound fertilizer equipment to Malaysia

The core of this NPK fertilizer production process is granulation process. The compound fertilizer mainly includes disc granulation, roller granulation, spray granulation, ammoniation granulation, etc. This set of fertilizer equipment adopts the disc fertilizer granulator, which has the following advantages:

1. Granular nutrient is comprehensive and high in content: it contains two or more nutrient elements, which can supply various nutrients needed by crops in a balanced and long time, and improve the effect of fertilization.

2. The physical properties of the product are good and easy to apply: the particle size of the compound fertilizer is generally more uniform and hygroscopic to store and apply urine, which is more suitable for mechanized application.

3. There are few fertilizer by-components, which have no adverse effect on the soil: most of the nutrients contained in the compound fertilizer are necessary for crops, which can not only avoid the waste of some material resources, but also avoid the adverse effect of some by-components on the soil.

4. The proportioning system makes the proportioning diverse, which is conducive to targeted selection and application: the main feature of compound fertilizer is that it can be selected and applied according to the characteristics of soil nutrients and crop nutrients to avoid some nutrient waste and improve the yield effect of fertilizer.

5. Cost reduction and expenditure saving: the compound fertilizer has fewer by-components, higher effective component content than the single fertilizer, smaller fertilizer volume with the same amount of nutrients, lower packaging and transportation costs, and convenient application.
NPK compound fertilizer equipment to MalaysiaNPK compound fertilizer equipment to Malaysia

With the rapid development of Huaqiang company and the active innovation of R & D technology, our international influence in the fertilizer equipment industry is increasing day by day. The production technology of bio organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer granulation technology continue to open up the international market, and the performance of fertilizer granulator machine is reliable, which is favored by many foreign customers.