American customers come to our factory to visit compound fertilizer production equipment

Recently, two American customers visited our factory. We discussed the cooperation of fertilizer production equipment and led them to visit the compound fertilizer production equipment of Huaqiang Factory.

First of all, our manager introduced the company to two American customers in the conference room. Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers takes organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment as main products to design fertilizer production process for customers. We always adhere to the high standard and high quality product requirements, do not change our own insistence due to market fluctuations, and have always been at the forefront of China's fertilizer equipment industry after storms. We constantly improve our technology, improve the performance of optimized equipment, and have a large number of long-term cooperation and stability. Domestic and foreign customers. Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers has always been the first in the production needs of customers, providing customers with better production equipment, helping customers to save production costs and improve production efficiency.
American customers visit Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers

After the meeting, accompanied by the manager, the customer visited our equipment processing workshop. For the double roller press granulator of interest to our customers, we conducted on-site operations, demonstrations and explanations. The customer is very satisfied with the high performance and high quality of the granulation fertilizer production line.

After visiting our factory, we took two customers to a nearby compound fertilizer factory to observe the actual operation of NPK fertilizer production line. Customers are very interested in NPK compound fertilizer granulation, so we show them the whole production situation after running Huaqiang NPK compound fertilizer production line. The principle of ingredients and product particles are explained. Customers are very satisfied with the whole NPK fertilizer production process.
American customers visit Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturersAmerican customers visit Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers

After the visit, the customer spoke highly of our company, saying that through this visit, we have seen our company's mature technology and strong strength, and are more confident about the equipment produced by our company. At the same time, they also expressed their expectation for in-depth cooperation with our company in the future.