Libyan customer visit fertilizer equipment of Huaqiang factory

Last week, a Libyan customer came to Huaqiang factory to visit our fertilizer equipment. The staff warmly received the customer, and took him to visit the fertilizer production equipment of the factory, and introduced the fertilizer manufacturing process and fertilizer production precautions for him in detail.
Libyan customer visit fertilizer equipment

We introduced the windrow compost turning machine for the clients, which is used for the fermentation treatment of organic fertilizer on the ground. It can walk freely and operate conveniently. The staff took customers to visit the half-finished products of the belt conveyor, which is the auxiliary equipment of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and plays an important role in the fertilizer production process. Later, the customer also visited the drum dryer, cooling machine and other large NPK compound fertilizer production equipment.
Libyan customer visit fertilizer equipmentLibyan customer visit fertilizer equipment

During the visit to NPK fertilizer production line, our staff introduced some precautions for the installation of newly purchased compound fertilizer equipment.
1. When the NPK fertilizer production line is newly installed, some parts that are easy to wear in the future production shall be communicated with the manufacturer in advance and ready for replacement. The manufacturer shall also inform the replacement interval of these parts, so as to facilitate the timely replacement of the manufacturer, so as not to affect the fertilizer production.
2. When the new NPK fertilizer production line is installed at the beginning, pay special attention to whether the installed equipment is stable, and check whether some parts are loose or falling off.
3. Pay attention to the safety of the personnel when installing the equipment, because these fertilizer manufacturing equipment are made of stainless steel, and the equipment itself is very large, so pay attention to the personal safety of the installation personnel during the installation.

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