Saudi customers visit our company to inspect fertilizer equipment

On October 28, a Saudi customer came to visit Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturer in person. Accompanied by the company manager, customers visit our office, laboratory, production workshop, etc. And the new type organic fertilizer granulator products that customers are interested in are introduced in detail. Customers are very satisfied with the high performance and high quality of fertilizer manufacturing process equipment.
Saudi customers visit fertilizer equipment

Customers like our trough compost turning machine very much. In the composting and fermentation process, we can use the organic fertilizer production equipment to form a high degree of automation and convenient control material flow system, reduce the use of transport vehicles, and reduce the transfer cost of raw materials in the workshop. The operator does not need to operate the compost turner by himself, and the machine automatically works in the fermentation yard, which is convenient for fermentation and can improve the working conditions of the workshop and the surrounding environment.
Saudi customers visit fertilizer equipment

In the factory workshop, our manager introduced the equipment needed for the fertilizer manufacturing process, such as drum screener, organic fertilizer granulator, fertilizer dryer, mixer, crusher, packaging machine, etc. Granulation is the core of granular fertilizer processing. The new type of organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of granulation equipment that we mainly push, which is well received by the fertilizer factories. We take the organic fertilizer granulator as an example to introduce it to our customers.

After the visit, customers have a deeper understanding of Huaqiang factory. In the subsequent talks, the two sides reached further consensus on a number of cooperation intentions. The technical strength, advanced production technology, excellent product quality and perfect service system of Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers have become the manufacturers that are highly praised and trusted by customers in the fertilizer equipment industry. We adhere to the principle of "customer first, service first", and have won the trust of customers and established a good corporate image.