Production Site of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Granules in Oman

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Factory has exported an organic fertilizer production line equipment to Oman. After the engineers instructed the site construction and equipment installation, the organic fertilizer production line was officially put into use. The picture shows the production site of organic fertilizer from chicken manure in Oman.

Chicken manure organic manure plays an important role in soil improvement. The application of chicken manure organic fertilizer not only increases a lot of organic colloids, but also decomposes many organic matters into organic colloids with the help of microorganisms, which increases the adsorption and buffering properties of soil, makes the soil particles cemented into stable aggregate structure, and improves the water, fertilizer and air permeability of soil, as well as the soil self-contained. The ability of the body to regulate soil temperature.

High-quality chicken manure organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed before it can be applied to the land. There are great harms and hidden dangers when chicken manure is applied to crops without decomposition. This is the chicken manure fermentation site of Oman customers. The trough compost turner machine flips the bottom material over the top, and the compost gets enough oxygen. Trough compost turner machine promotes the uniform fermentation of compost, and has a large amount of dumps, which is very convenient.
trough compost turner machineOrganic fertilizer granule

Organic fertilizer granule making machine is the central equipment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line. Around the treatment of organic fertilizer granulation, fertilizer grinders, fertilizer mixers and other machines deal with raw materials for granulation, and drying and cooling systems deal with the particles conveyed from the organic fertilizer granule making machine. The finished organic fertilizer granules are screened by the rotary drum screening machine to obtain the finished product.