Huaqiang Organic Fertilizer Equipment Production Disc Granulation Site

Organic fertilizer production equipment can process livestock manure and agricultural straw into organic fertilizer, which can not only solve the problem of agricultural pollution, but also promote the development of ecological recycling agriculture and efficient animal husbandry. Organic fertilizer production process is mainly divided into fermentation and granulation processing. In terms of granulation processing, this paper introduces the disc granulation organic fertilizer production line that our factory has put into production.

The picture shows an organic fertilizer production equipment designed by Huaqiang factory, which is a disc granulation organic fertilizer production line. This set of organic fertilizer production equipment was sold by our factory and put into production in Qinghai, China. On July 6, the organic fertilizer production site of this equipment is shown in the figure. The organic fertilizer raw materials are granulated by a disc pelletizer and become smooth pellets after drying and cooling system.
organic fertilizer production equipment

The main organic fertilizer production equipment used in the whole process are: half-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, disc pelletizer, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screener, packing machine. Disc pelletizer is the key equipment of organic fertilizer granulation. When organic fertilizer is made into granules, granular fertilizer has good commercial properties. It can not be classified automatically during storage and transportation. It has slow-release property and can create aggregate structure for soil.

Disc pelletizer is a kind of mature organic fertilizer granulating equipment. The angle of the granulating disc adopts the integral arc structure. The material entering the disc is sprayed with a proper amount of liquid by atomizing nozzle. After rotating the granulating disc, the granulated product is made, which forms a certain amount and then rotates with the disc and throws out. The granulating tray is equipped with three outlets to facilitate intermittent production.
disc pelletizer