Application Site of Organic Fertilizer Equipment-Walking Compost Turner

In the production and processing of organic fertilizer, compost fermentation is the first step. Composting fermentation removes harmful substances from manure and straw and increases humus in organic fertilizer. The compost fermentation process requires turning over materials, and the compost turner can realize mechanized turning over. Compost turner is an important organic fertilizer equipment to lay down the quality of fertilizer.
organic fertilizer equipment-walking compost turner

Composting fermentation is a process in which microorganisms use their own catabolic process to decompose organic matter into simple inorganic matter and obtain the energy needed for microbial metabolism under certain conditions. The result of composting is actually the transformation of organic matter from waste to highly stable humus. Aerobic composting process can be divided into two stages: the first stage is the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms as energy for microbial growth and metabolism; the second stage is the transformation of remaining organic matter into stable humus. Aerobic composting process can be divided into four stages: heating, high temperature, cooling and ripening according to the change of temperature. The whole process of composting requires a lot of oxygen for normal conversion. Organic fertilizer equipment is an important tool for composting fermentation.
organic fertilizer equipment-walking compost turner

Two kinds of compost fermentation methods are often used in the production of organic fertilizer, one is fermentation tank fermentation, the other is stacking fermentation. Our customer used the way of compost fermentation, so he bought our walking compost turner. Walking compost turner can adapt to the situation of material turned by various ground fermentation. It has flexible operation, small floor area and convenient site operation. During the composting process, microbial metabolism will produce a lot of heat, which will increase the temperature of the compost. The operation of walking compost turner can reduce the temperature of the compost and reduce the influence of high temperature on the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.