150,000 t/a vinasse organic fertilizer production line

Vinasse is the residue left over from the industrial brewing of liquor or beer. Vinasse still contain nutrients. In addition to using vinasse as feed, fermenting vinasse as organic fertilizer is also a very good way. Many fermented vinasse are used as fertilizer for flowers and fruit trees. There is residual alcohol in the ingredients of the vinasse, which needs professional fermentation treatment to become a qualified fertilizer.

There are two parts in the wine tank system: fermentation and deep processing. In the deep processing stage, the organic fertilizer can be made into high-quality special compound fertilizer for different plant and crops.

Fermentation method of vinasse into organic fertilizer

Vinasse should be fermented together with excrement or straw. During fermentation, a proper amount of fermentation agent can be added to accelerate the ripening and quickly decompose the wood fiber in the distiller's grains. The whole process is about 15 days.

  • Mix chicken manure or livestock manure and urea into vinasse to reduce the C / N ratio below 40. Adjust it to 50-60% of the water content, and use your hand to catch the water without dripping. Mix 1 kg of starter with 10 kg of water, and sprinkle evenly in the mixture of vinasse. After the pretreatment, the materials to be fermented are piled up into a pile of 1-1.5m high, which is covered with a breathable cover. It can also be put into fermentation tank for fermentation.
  • Fermentation is carried out in two stages. For the first time, the measures of heat preservation and moisture preservation should be strengthened at the beginning of fermentation to promote the saccharification of the fermented products. After three days of fermentation, when the fermentation temperature reaches 40℃, the windrow turner machine will carry out the first tossing. The treatment of the windrow turner also plays a role in the uniformity of the fermentation mixture. When the fermentation temperature reaches 60℃, the whole fermentation process needs 3-5 times.

150000 t/a Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The compost can be used as organic matter to treat different fertilizer products. The products processed by organic fertilizer production equipment have good appearance, convenient use and high fertilizer efficiency.
150000 t/a Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1. Batching equipment: mix the vinasse compost with NPK inorganic fertilizer and other substances in proportion.

2. Organic fertilizer crusher equipment: half wet material crusher, which can crush and ferment the compost.

3. Mixing equipment:

4. Granulating equipment: including organic fertilizer granulator, roller extrusion granulator, stirring tooth drum granulator, rotary drum granulator, disc fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, etc. According to the characteristics of raw materials, select the appropriate fertilizer granulator.

5. Drying and cooling equipment: drum dryer, drum cooler. As the drying temperature of organic fertilizer cannot exceed 80℃, our dryer adopts hot air drying. The appearance of the drum cooler is similar to that of the dryer, but it has different performance.

6. Screening equipment: the drum screener machine adopts the secondary screening because the unit output of the organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 150000 tons is large.

7. Coating equipment: the appearance of fertilizer coating machine is similar to that of dryer and cooler, and its internal structure is quite different.