Flat die organic fertilizer granulator production line

Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and nutrients. It can not only directly provide nutrients for crops, but also activate potential nutrients in soil, enhance microbial activity and promote material transformation. The application of organic fertilizer can also improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve soil fertility and prevent soil pollution, which is not available in chemical fertilizer. Flat die organic fertilizer granulator production line specializes in organic fertilizer production. Making full use of organic fertilizer resources can not only reuse agricultural waste, reduce fertilizer input, create a good agricultural ecosystem, but also achieve the purpose of fertilizing soil, increasing production and income.

Raw materials: animal manure, straw, mushroom dregs, soybean meal, etc.
Workshop site: storage yard, fermentation yard, fertilizer granulation production workshop, finished product warehouse.
Equipment of organic fertilizer production line: mixer, compost turner machine, dryer, cooler, screener, packaging machine, flat die granulator, crusher, loader feeding hopper, conveyor, etc.

Fermentation Treatment of flat die organic fertilizer granulator production line
It is better to crush straw with a crusher machine, the straw length is less than 3-5 cm (wheat straw, rice straw, leaves, weeds, peanut seedlings, soybean straw and so on can be directly used for fermentation, but the fermentation effect after crushing is better). The crushed straw and other plant wastes, animal manure were put into the fermentation tank, and the water content was controlled between 60% and 65%. Fully decomposed, sterilized, deodorized and dehydrated. During the fermentation period, the material is aerobically fermented, and the material needs to be turned by a turner machine to increase oxygen supply. The compost was black-brown, the temperature began to drop to normal temperature, and the surface fermentation was completed. The moisture content of decomposed materials is generally within the range of 30-35%.
Fermentation turner machine is used to turn livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, etc. which need oxygen-consuming fermentation. This machine is a used for trough composting. According to the width of trough, the turner can be divided into three meters, four meters and five meters. Different specifications can be customized according to the requirements of customers and the lifting system can be installed.
Main features:
1. It is suitable for aerobic fermentation. It can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and shifter. The function of one machine with multiple slots can be realized by matching with the shifter.
2. The fermentation tank matched with it can be discharged continuously or in batches. High efficiency, smooth operation, durable, even turning.
3. Control cabinet centralized control, can achieve manual or automatic control functions.
4. Drawing teeth is strong and durable, and has certain crushing and mixing ability for materials.
5. Limit travel switch, play the role of limit and safety.

Granulation of flat die organic fertilizer granulator production line
The machine is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic fertilizer with moisture of 25%~50%. Crushing granule size meets the requirements of granulation, and also adjusted based on user need within a certain range. Have good effect on grinding the glass brick, ceramics and broken stone such kinds of hard matter from the city life garbage organic fertilizer.
Horizontal mixer stir material in batches, material can be mixed completely. High mixing rate, less residual suitable for feed, concentrated feed, premix additives mixing. The mixer adopts a new rotor structure, which can adjust the minimum clearance between the rotor and the shell to zero and effectively reduce the material residue. The whole structure is more reasonable, beautiful, operation and maintenance by using refueling passage in the casing.
Flat die granulator is used for granulation of various organic matter after fermentation. It has good granulation effect on organic fertilizer raw materials with low adhesion rate, more cellulose and poor forming conditions. The finished particles are cylindrical, and no binder is needed in granulation. No drying treatment is needed before granulation. It has good granulation effect on wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed coat, weeds and other raw materials.
Flat die organic fertilizer granulatorFlat die granulator granules

After granulation, the moisture and strength of the material are not up to the standard, so it must be dried. The heat source of the drum dryer comes from the combustion device and adopts the downstream heating mode. Material in the machine is repeatedly copied by the board, and then continuously spread down, fully exchanged with the hot air flow in the cylinder, the moisture content is gradually dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Cooling the materials to the normal temperature in the organic fertilizer production line. The cooler machine is a slightly inclined cylinder. The inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with a sheet. Its function is to copy up the particles and then scatter them, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow, to improve the cooling rate and promote the material forward. After the material passes through the cooler, it is necessary to collect the dust in the gas with a cyclone dust collector, and the gas is discharged after treatment.
Rotary drum screener machine is common equipment in fertilizer production, used for separating the returned materials and finished product. This screener machine adopts the integrated screen net which is easy for repair and replacement. This machine is easy to operate and works stable. It mainly includes the frame, classification chamber, sieving rotor structure, a main reducer and a main motor.
The packing machine can be used to package BB fertilizer, compound fertilizer, chemical raw materials, rice, feed, chemical fertilizer and other granular loose materials, powder materials and mixtures. It is an automated high-tech product. It consists of weighing body, feeder, weighing hopper, drop hopper, pneumatic bag clamp, sensor, weighing control instrument and electronic control system.

Video of flat die organic fertilizer granulator production line
The fertilizer produced by the flat die organic fertilizer production line, is made by aerobic fermentation technology and refined by harmless treatment and filling of organic materials. It has the following five advantages: 1. The content of large and medium micronutrients is higher, which is 2-4 times higher than that of dried chicken manure and farm manure; 2. It comes from plants and belongs to plant source fertilizer; 4. Convenient storage, transportation and application; 5. It can improve crop quality, improve soil physical and chemical properties, fertilize soil, non-toxic residues, and is a kind of highly efficient and lasting pollution-free organic fertilizer.