Advantages of compound fertilizer equipment in processing special fertilizer

The complex fertilizer production equipment needs simple equipment, short production process and easy operation, which is the first choice of many new investors or small complex fertilizer enterprises.

Advantages of NPK fertilizer production line in processing special fertilizer

NPK fertilizer production line is mainly to mix all kinds of different nutrients particles together, or add some other trace elements properly, so as to ensure the growth of crops. The biggest advantage of NPK fertilizer production line is that it can produce fertilizer according to many factors such as soil, local fertilizer sales, nutrition needed by crops and so on. It can not only meet the needs of regulating soil and crop growth, but also have a good sales situation.

NPK fertilizer production line processes targeted compound fertilizer according to the soil conditions. After soil testing, nutrients are carefully distributed according to the structure of various nutrients in the soil and the effective ingredients of crop supply capacity, and raw materials are processed by fertilizer granulator machine. According to the law of nutrient absorption of various crops and the comprehensive adjustment of crop growth and development, scientific selection of various fertilizers, qualitative and quantitative accurate input, in order to achieve the goal of increasing production of compound fertilizer.
NPK fertilizer production line

Feature of rotary drum granulator

All kinds of raw materials are mixed and uniformly made into solid particles by rotary drum granulator to realize the combination of all nutrients and ensure the slow release of nutrients in the soil. The granulation rate of rotary drum granulator is more than 90%, and the raw materials that do not meet the requirements of particles can also be re entered into the machine for secondary processing.

The fertilizer raw material used in the compound fertilizer equipment is not a combination of simple nutrients, it is a system engineering, which needs to consider all factors affecting crop growth, the minimum input reaches the maximum yield per mu area, and can meet the requirements of green products. When using fertilizer, we should pay attention to control the amount of fertilizer used, and do not waste too much fertilizer to save costs.