How to choose suitable granulator to produce organic fertilizer

The premise of selecting fertilizer granulator
There are many kinds of fertilizer granulators, such as extrusion, rolling, rotating, crushing, etc., but which organic fertilizer granulator is better? To say that the organic fertilizer pelletizer is better, we should first know what fertilizer, powder or granule we want to make? Is it cylindrical or spherical? What are the raw materials, how much water, how much investment. Only after these are confirmed can the next screening of fertilizer granulator machine be carried out.
Each kind of organic fertilizer granulator has its own suitable range and has its own significance. What suits is the best, and what doesn't suit can't embody their advantages at all.

1. Extrusion granulator

Flat die pelleting machine is used to extrude materials into columnar particles by the rotation of the die pressing wheel. The advantages are uniform particles, high density, low water content, easy operation and maintenance. It is suitable for the extrusion production of almost all organic fertilizer particles. The disadvantage is that the output is relatively low.
Flat die pelleting machine 

2. Rolling granulator

New type organic fertilizer granulator rolls the powder into a ball through the rotation of the roller. The advantages are high output, low power consumption, simple production, small density, large moisture content, poor particle uniformity and large dust in the workplace.

3. Rotary granulator

Disc fertilizer granulator uses the disk structure to make the powder into spherical particles through the rotation of the disk, which has the advantages between the extrusion granulator and the rolling granulator. Disc pan granulator is suitable for rotating granulation of raw materials with high cohesiveness, high specific gravity and high moisture content.
There is a saying in our industry that only the right ones should be chosen, not the expensive ones. Expensive equipment is not necessarily suitable for their own raw materials, so must find their own granulator is the best. For more information on organic fertilizer production and granulation equipment, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions.