Granulation process of disc granulator in fertilizer industry

Disc fertilizer granulator produced by our company has the advantages of simple operation, high safety and efficiency, strong adaptability, high pelletizing rate, etc., which is well received by many users. Disc granulator is widely used in chemical fertilizer, compound fertilizer, mining, food, chemical industry and other industries. Today, the pelletizing process and production process of fertilizer industry are briefly described.

The disc granulator is favored by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises because of its simple granulation process, short process, simple structure, small investment and easy operation of NPK fertilizer production line

The NPK fertilizer production process is as follows:

1. Transport the treated fertilizer directly to the raw material bin.

2. The material is delivered to the disc leveler and evenly added to the disc of the disc fertilizer granulator.

3. Spray a proper amount of water evenly on the materials in the disc through the distributor of the disc granulator, and atomize the materials to meet the liquid volume required for the ball formation.

4. The rotating disc produces friction force on the material, and then makes the material move circumferentially in the disc by the centrifugal action, rubbing and squeezing each other, and gradually becomes a ball.
disc fertilizer granulator production line
5. Due to the difference of particle mass, the gravity and centrifugal effect are also different. When the gravity and centrifugal effect increase enough to overcome the friction between particles, they will be thrown out of the disk, and the smaller particles will remain in the disk to continue to gather fine particles, forming a qualified sphere.

6. The formed particles are delivered to the dryer for heat exchange with the heat from the hot blast furnace. It is delivered to the hot screening to separate the particles, and the fine particles are directly returned to the disc homogenizer, and continue to participate in the adhesion of particles into the ball as the ball core.

The whole NPK fertilizer production line is a circulation controllable process, which greatly reduces the waste of materials and improves the production efficiency of fertilizer granulator machine. Our company provides a variety of fertilizer granulators, and other fertilizer granulation production processes are similar to this project.