Advantages and differences of bio organic fertilizer

Bio organic fertilizer refers to the fertilizer made from livestock manure, straw, agricultural and sideline products, food processing waste, organic waste and urban sludge, etc. after microbial fermentation, maturity, and harmless treatment of organic fertilizer production equipment. Bio organic fertilizer has the following advantages.

1. Comparison between bio organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer:

1) Bio-organic fertilizers are processed into granules by fertilizer granulator machine and other beneficial substances. The nutrients are complete, and there are only one or several types of fertilizer nutrients.
2) Organic fertilizers can improve the soil. Frequent use of chemical fertilizers can cause soil compaction.
3) Bio-organic fertilizer can improve product quality. Too much chemical fertilizer application leads to poor product quality.
4) Biofertilizer can improve the crop rhizosphere microbiota and increase the plant's resistance to pests and diseases; chemical fertilizer is a single crop microbiome and is prone to pests and diseases.
5) Bio-organic fertilizer can promote the use of chemical fertilizers and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers. The use of chemical fertilizers alone can cause the fixation and loss of nutrients.
bio organic fertilizer granlesbio organic fertilizer granles

2. Difference between the fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer production equipment and farm manure

1) During the fermentation of bio organic fertilizer, the mortality rate of eggs reached more than 95% after being tossed by the equipment such as windrow turner, etc., and the mortality rate of eggs was low due to the simple stacking of farm manure.

2) Bio organic fertilizer is odorless; farmyard manure is odorous.

3) The application of bio organic fertilizer is convenient and uniform, and the application of farmyard fertilizer is not convenient.

3. The difference between bio organic fertilizer and bio fungicide

1) They are all made into solid particles by organic fertilizer granulator. But the price of bio organic fertilizer is cheap, the market is wide, and the price of bio bacterial fertilizer is expensive.
2) Bio-organic fertilizer contains functional bacteria and organic matter, which can improve the soil and promote the release of nutrients fixed by the soil. Biological bacterial fertilizer contains only functional bacteria, which promotes the use of soil-fixed fertilizers through functional bacteria.
3) The organic matter of the biological organic fertilizer itself is the environment in which the functional bacteria live. After being applied to the soil, there is a survival of the utilized strains, especially the soil with low organic matter content. The biological agent does not contain organic matter.