How to plan the construction of organic fertilizer production project


Organic fertilizer production scale and site selection

If the scale of organic fertilizer production equipment is too large, the distance of raw material purchase is too large, and the transportation cost increases, the product cost is also high. If the production scale of organic fertilizer is too small, calculating the same management expenses and personnel salaries into each ton of products will also increase the production cost of organic fertilizer, and the products will not have market competitiveness. Therefore, the production scale of the organic fertilizer plant should be more than 1000 tons of organic fertilizer per year, which should be built in the area rich in organic raw materials.

Category of commercial organic fertilizer

Commercial organic fertilizer is divided into refined organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer according to its processing and nutrient status. The organic materials processed by fertilizer granulator machine are different, so are the final products. Using all kinds of inorganic fertilizers containing organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for crop growth, processing commercial organic fertilizer is the main production goal of fertilizer factory.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Factors to be considered in organic fertilizer production process

1. In order to make the commercial organic fertilizer have stable quality and performance, there must be a relatively stable source of organic raw materials.

2. In the specific production, one kind of organic raw material can be used as the main material, combined with other organic raw materials and chemical raw materials. For example, if chicken manure is the main raw material, cow manure and other materials needed for crop growth can also be used as organic fertilizer processing materials when chicken manure is insufficient. Different processing technologies can produce different commercial organic fertilizers, and different processing technologies can be designed according to the needs without changing the existing equipment. Let the organic fertilizer granulator process different raw materials.

3. Select appropriate fertilizer granulator according to organic fertilizer raw materials. Our factory provides flat die pellet mill, ring die pelleting machine, disc fertilizer granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.

Precautions in the production of organic fertilizer equipment

In the production of organic fertilizer equipment, we should choose a reasonable automation process based on economic benefits. We cannot pursue production automation one-sidedly and increase production costs. Reasonably select the location to reduce the impact of the odorous gas on the surroundings.