Advantages of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is a continuous conveying machine commonly used in industry. It is mainly used for conveying various powder, granular and small pieces of material. The screw conveyor is mainly composed of screw shaft, screw sheet, shell, bearing and other parts. It realizes the conveying function by using the rotating motion of the screw body. It has many advantages.

Compared with other conveying devices, screw conveyor has the following advantages:
1) Because the material is transported in an airtight pipeline, the dust in the conveying place can be greatly reduced, and the working conditions can be improved. It is especially suitable for the transportation of dry powder materials such as flour and bulk cement.

2) The screw conveyor has simple structure, convenient operation and management, and is easy to realize automatic conveying. For looser materials, such as cereals, the suction hose can be extended to the inaccessible place in the warehouse to clear the warehouse. In addition, the screw conveyor can be operated automatically by adding some control equipment. If the conveying process is combined with the production process (such as drying, heating, cooling, screening, crushing, mixing and dust removal at the same time), the production and transportation automation can be realized.

3) The conveying system of screw conveyor is sealed, which can reduce material loss, and its conveying process is not affected by weather conditions. For example, in the process of cement transportation, the average loss rate caused by broken or not easy to pour clean bags of cement paper reaches 2%-3%, while the loss rate can be reduced to less than 1% by using bulk screw transportation.
screw conveyor

4) The conveying efficiency of screw conveyor is high, which is conducive to the mechanization of bulk material transportation, the improvement of labor productivity, the reduction of loading and unloading costs, and the saving of packaging costs.

5) The screw conveyor has no traction component, few movable parts and few wearable parts, so the whole device is light in weight, less in investment, less in mechanical failure and convenient in maintenance.