Aerobic fermentation technology of organic fertilizer with groove fermentation machine

Before the processing of organic fertilizer equipment, raw materials need to be composted and fermented first. Composting is a process of stabilizing organic wastes and humus in agricultural solid wastes by bacterial decomposition. The organic fertilizer produced by composting is a good soil amendment. Composting can proceed slowly under natural conditions, such as the fermentation of deciduous leaves in forests, but it can accelerate the composting speed under optimum conditions.

According to the different microbial growth environment, composting can be divided into aerobic composting and anaerobic composting. Aerobic composting refers to the process of decomposition and transformation of organic matter in wastes by aerobic microorganisms under aerobic condition. The final products are mainly CO, H20, heat and humus. Because anaerobic microorganisms decompose organic matter slowly, have low treatment efficiency, easily produce odor, and process conditions are difficult to control, aerobic composting technology is adopted in organic fertilizer production equipment.

Modern industrial equipment produces organic fertilizer. Aerobic composting technology can be divided into stack stacking, fermentation groove composting and silo composting. Among them, groove fermentation technology has the advantages of small area, high composting efficiency, large turning output of the turning machine and thorough material turning, so it is widely used.

The principle of groove composting technology is as follows: firstly, pretreatment of composting raw materials, weighing and mixing livestock and poultry manure raw materials with straw powder, reasonably adjusting the carbon-nitrogen ratio and voids of materials, and reducing the moisture content of materials. Then the mixture material was stacked in the fermentation groove for aerobic fermentation. The bottom of the fermentation tank is equipped with a ventilation pipe. The turning machine turns the material regularly, and the fermentation material is thoroughly exposed to oxygen. Generally, composting can be matured in 20-30 days to meet the requirement of harmlessness.
organic fertilizer with groove fermentation machineorganic fertilizer with groove fermentation machine
Characteristics of groove composting: After pretreatment of fermented materials by crusher and mixer, fermentation conditions such as moisture, C/N ratio and porosity were optimized; the fermentation groove was equipped with turning machine, which was conducive to balancing material oxygen and material moisture evaporation outward.