Powdery organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients, long-lasting fertilizer effect, wide source, great potential, low cost, and the function of improving soil. It can not be replaced by inorganic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter. Long-term application can improve soil organic matter, improve soil aggregate structure, promote soil microorganisms anyway, and make the soil loose and ventilated. The use of organic fertilizer can enhance soil fertility conservation and buffer capacity. Humus is an organic colloid with a large surface area. Its water absorption capacity is more than 100 times larger than that of inorganic colloids and its replacement capacity is 4 times larger than that of inorganic colloids. Long-term application of organic fertilizer can increase organic and inorganic colloids, close soil fusion, and enhance the ability of water, fertilizer and fertilizer supply.

Complex transformation of organic fertilizer fermentation
(1) Mineralization of organic matter. That is, the complex organic matter is decomposed into simple substances, and finally carbon dioxide, water and mineral nutrients are generated.
(2) Humification of organic matter. That is, organic matter is decomposed and synthesized to produce more complex special organic matter-humus.
The two processes are carried out at the same time, but in the opposite direction, under different conditions, the strength of each process is obviously different.

Fermentation of organic fertilizer
There are many different kinds of microorganisms involved in the process of organic fertilizer fermentation. Due to the change of raw materials and conditions, the number of microorganisms is also changing, so no microorganisms always dominate the composting process. Each environment has its own specific microbial flora. The composting process mainly depends on the role of microorganisms, which are the main body of composting fermentation. There are two sources of microorganisms involved in composting: one is the original large number of microorganisms in organic waste; the other is the artificial microbial inoculant. Under certain conditions, these bacteria have strong decomposition ability to some organic wastes, and have the characteristics of strong activity, rapid reproduction and rapid decomposition of organic matter. They can accelerate the process of composting reaction and shorten the time of composting reaction.
1. Mix organic fertilizer raw materials, C/N ratio is controlled at 23-28, and moisture content of material after mixing is controlled at 50-65%.
2. Material stacking requirements: the height does not exceed 1.5 meters, the length is unlimited, the fermentation tank should be in the place of natural ventilation.
3. Material heap temperature begins to rise and fermentation begins. When the temperature rises above 60 degrees, the stacking starts after 48 hours (but when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, the stacking must be done immediately). When the temperature is over 70 degrees, the low-level materials must be evenly and thoroughly dumped into the middle and upper parts of the stack as far as possible so as to fully mature and determine the number of times of the stacking according to the degree of material maturity.
Notes: Fermentation of organic fertilizer is based on certain aerobic fermentation. The quality of fermentation is related to the amount of fermentation. Fermentation is too little, it is not easy to warm up successfully, the environmental temperature is better than 5 degrees Celsius. Winter production should try to heat preservation fermentation.

Powdery organic fertilizer production line equipment and flow
The turner machine flips the material every day, promotes water evaporation, enlarges the contact area between the reactor and oxygen, and promotes the bacteria to enter the reactor and rapidly propagate and ferment.
The turner is used to dump livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar mill filtrate, sludge and other wastes. They are manufactured into organic fertilizer by the principle of oxygen consumption fermentation. The machine can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and shifter. The function of one machine with multiple slots can be realized by matching with the shifter. The fermentation tank matched with it can be discharged continuously or in batches. High efficiency, smooth operation, durable, even turning. Control cabinet centralized control, can achieve manual or automatic control functions. Tooth extraction is durable and has certain crushing and mixing ability for materials. Limit travel switch plays a role of limit and safety.
It is mainly used for conveying materials of loading powder materials, other organic and inorganic raw materials in fertilizer industry. It also has the function of breaking and mixing loose bulk material.This hopper is suitable for the uniform feeding of the crusher in the fertilizer production.
Crushing large pieces of material to prevent material from caking and to obtain organic fertilizer powder. The machine is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic fertilizer with moisture of 25%~50%. Crushing granule size meets the requirements of granulation, and also adjusted based on user need within a certain range. Have good effect on grinding the glass brick, ceramics and broken stone such kinds of hard matter from the city life garbage organic fertilizer.
After screening, powdered organic fertilizer can be packaged uniformly and uniformly. The drum sieving machine mainly includes the frame, classification chamber, sieving rotor structure, a main reducer and a main motor. Material enters from the feeding end, rotates and classifies continuously in the drum, and evenly flows out from the outlet below, which effectively separates the finished product from the returned material.
Packing final products in bags, with a storage hopper above the packing machine, with scale could setting weight of bags, contain sewing machine and conveyor.
Powdery organic fertilizer production line
Powdery organic fertilizer production line is easy to operate, with small investment and quick return. There are also organic fertilizer granulation production line. After the powder of organic fertilizer is processed into granules, the market value is higher.
Video of powdery organic fertilizer production line