Effect of ratio of organic fertilizer equipment production on rice

Organic fertilizer equipment can produce a variety of fertilizers according to the type of raw materials. The types of fertilizers can be divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. The growth and development of rice are influenced by the types and quantities of fertilizers applied. Through comparative study, the yield and quality of rice were the best when organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer were mixed.

Chemical fertilizer is a kind of quick-acting fertilizer. Its yield-increasing effect is usually over 40%. It has high nutrient content and fast fertilizer efficiency. However, long-term application of chemical fertilizers will have adverse effects on the growth and development of rice, resulting in the decline of rice quality and soil hardening. Organic fertilizer has significant effects on improving soil, enhancing soil fertility and promoting microbial population expansion. However, organic fertilizer has low nutrient concentration and slow fertilizer efficiency, which is difficult to meet the needs of crops for nutrients. So when organic fertilizer production equipment produces fertilizer, it can combine chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer to improve the quality of fertilizer in the production link. It can effectively play the advantages of both sides, learn from each other's strengths to make up for the weaknesses, and improve the yield and quality of crops. Organic fertilizer equipment produces rice fertilizer. Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are mixed proportionally in the automatic batching link, and then granulated thoroughly by stirring. Relevant experiments show that when the ratio of organic fertilizer to inorganic fertilizer is 1:1, the effect is the best.
Effect of ratio of organic fertilizer equipment production on rice
Compound fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment combines the advantages of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, which is beneficial to reduce the content of harmful substances in rice, increase the earing rate and realize pollution-free. Fertilizer combination organic fertilizer production line specializes in the production of this fertilizer.