Application method of compound biological fertilizer

Compound biological fertilizers can be applied to crops such as grain, economy, fruits and vegetables in many ways.
1. Compound biological fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer. Compound bio-fertilizer 1-2 kg per mu is mixed with farm manure, chemical fertilizer or fine soil and then applied in ditches, holes or sprays.

2. Ditch and hole application of compound biological fertilizer. The small trees were fed in circular ditches with 200 g compound bio fertilizer per tree and the adult trees were fed in radial ditches with 500-1000g compound bio fertilizer per tree, which could be mixed with fertilizer or soil.

3. Dip and irrigate the roots with compound biological fertilizer. 1-2 kg compound bio-fertilizer per mu was added with 3-4 times of water and dipped in roots during crop transplanting or irrigated in roots after crop transplanting.

4. Mix compound biological fertilizer into seedbed soil. The seedbed soil of each square metre is mixed with 200-300 g of compound biological fertilizer before sowing.

5. Compound bio-fertilizer was added to potted garden plants. For flower lawn, 10-15g compound microbial fertilizer per kilogram of potted soil can be used as topdressing or base fertilizer.

6. According to different crops, 1-2 kg of compound biological fertilizer is mixed with chemical fertilizer per mu, then diluted with appropriate amount of water, and then washed with water in irrigation.

7. Spraying compound biological fertilizer on the leaves. Leaf spraying was carried out after dilution of about 500 times or as required by the instructions.
compound biological fertilizer

Notes for application of compound biological fertilizer
1.Compound biological fertilizers should not be mixed with fungicides and herbicides, and each application must be interval of more than 7 days. 
2.It is better to apply compound bio-fertilizer after rain or irrigation, shake it well before application, and to use it right after it was ready. 
3. Compound bio-fertilizers should be kept in a cool and dry place instead of directly stored on the ground.