Organic fertilizer ring die granule making machine

Ring die granulator is mainly used for granular processing of (biological) organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and aquaculture. The granular material processed has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. The temperature rise during the processing is not obvious, and the nutrients in the raw material can be well maintained. The main machine of the ring die granulator integrates the ring model and the flat model, which is equivalent to the work of two granulators. The granules produced by the ring die granule making machine are of good quality, low wear of die rolls, high production efficiency and low powder content.

Working principle of ring die granule making machine
The ring die of the ring die granulator is driven to rotate, and the raw material enters the two rollers in the ring die. Because the rotation of the ring die transfers the material between the rollers, the two rotating parts produce strong extrusion to the material, and are squeezed into the roll hole. The formed particles are extruded outward, and the particles are cylindrical after extruding the die hole. Finally, the cutter cuts them into the required particle size.

Ring die is an important component of ring die granulator, which is essential for ring die granule making machine. The centrifugal force will be produced during the operation of the ring die. The higher the rotational speed, the larger the inner diameter of the ring die, the greater the centrifugal force. However, too high centrifugal force will affect the stability of the granulator. Because a large number of particles are formed by it, the ring die is a vulnerable part, so it needs better material. The organic fertilizer ring die granulator produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd has selected high quality ring die to ensure the overall quality of the granulator. The stirring and conveying blades of the ring die granulator are tempered by corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the pressing roll is cast with manganese and tempered to achieve corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Thus, the output can be increased and the loss of equipment can be reduced.

The organic fertilizer granules produced by ring die granule making machine have low moisture content, are easy to store, and can remain in the original state for a long time in water, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of organic fertilizer.