Crusher, the main equipment for fertilizer production

The main processes of compound fertilizer production are crushing, mixing, granulation, drying and cooling, screening, packaging and so on. According to different fertilizer production processes, there are different granularity requirements for raw materials. In the production of organic fertilizer, in order to speed up the fermentation reaction and improve the homogeneity of raw material mixing, it is necessary to comminute the fermentation raw material in advance. In the fertilizer production process, in order to facilitate granulation, raw materials need to be further crushed before granulation. The unqualified large particles or massive materials formed after granulation need to be crushed and returned to the granulation system. Therefore, the fertilizer production needs different types of crushing equipment, commonly used crushing equipment are straw crusher, chain crusher, cage crusher, half-wet material crusher.

Straw crusher is suitable for cutting organic fertilizer raw materials such as corn straw, rice straw, tobacco, peanut straw, sweet potato seedlings, tree branches and bark. Processing materials can not only be used in organic fertilizer production, but also used to breed cattle, sheep and other livestock.
straw crusherstraw crusher
Cage crusher is especially suitable for crushing materials with high hardness. It has simple structure, good crushing performance and strong sealing. It is widely used in crushing organic minerals, compound fertilizers and fertilizer granules.
Half-wet material crusher is mainly used to crush materials with 25-50% moisture content such as fermented livestock manure, sludge and residue, so that the granularity of crushed materials can meet the granulation requirements.
Chain crusher is divided into vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher. This machine is suitable for crushing raw materials and returning materials before granulation in fertilizer production line. It is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries.
cage crusherhalf-wet material crusherchain crusher

In fertilizer production, according to the crushing needs, the selection of crusher and the setting of parameters are determined. Then the crushing process and the design of fertilizer production process are determined. Combined with the characteristics of the selected crusher, design the reasonable fertilizer granulation production line to maximize the production efficiency. The selection of fertilizer machines should be considered as far as possible, paying attention to cost, energy consumption, efficiency and other issues.