Application status of bio organic fertilizer and granulator machine


Application status of bio organic fertilizer

At present, the application of bio organic fertilizer in some green and organic agricultural products has achieved good results, which plays a good demonstration role in the promotion and application of bio organic fertilizer. Although the current agricultural application of bio organic fertilizer enthusiasm is not high, the use rate is relatively low, organic fertilizer is mainly used in vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbal medicine, tobacco and other high value-added cash crops. However, with the improvement of people's consumption level and safety awareness, the demand for green organic agricultural products is increasing. Bio organic fertilizer will become the inevitable choice of agricultural production.

Organic fertilizer making machine is indispensable in agricultural extension of commercial fertilizer. In order to produce special bio organic fertilizer suitable for different crops, it is necessary to select the appropriate granulating machine. Here, two kinds of common granulator equipment are introduced.

Bio organic fertilizer granulation machine

How does the organic fertilizer equipment disc granulator process granular fertilizer? Due to the cohesiveness and plasticity of materials, the ball nuclei are bonded to each other and grow up gradually. When the inclination angle, edge height, rotation speed and water content of the ball plate are fixed, the balls with different particle sizes will leave the plate edge and roll down according to different separation angles due to different gravity. In the process of rolling, the water in the ball is constantly discharged from the surface. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the liquid film on the surface, the ball has a certain strength, and then it is discharged from the edge of the disc with the rotation of the inclined disc body.
organic fertilizer equipment disc granulator

Drum granulator is suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, compound fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer. The internal surface structure of the rotary drum granulator plays a very important role in whether the material can react well in the drum. The drum pelletizer machine designed by us is generally lined with rubber plate to facilitate the normal rolling of materials and realize granulation.
fertilizer drum granulator