How to improve the roller sheet efficiency of extrusion granulator?

How to use the double roller granulator properly to make the organic fertilizer making machine get efficient utilization? What are the components of the roller press granulator? The double roller granulator includes the frame, motor, reducer, engine, crushing and other parts. Which aspect must be paid attention to in order to improve the roll sheet granulation quantity of the roller extrusion granulator? The following is to understand how to maintain the extrusion granulator and improve the roll sheet efficiency of the pelletizer.

Precautions for double roller granulator:

1. Oil should be added before use (reducer, open drive gear, sprocket chain, rolling bearing chamber, iron hardware configuration).
2. Hands, feet and other dirt are forbidden to enter the rotating parts of the equipment.
double roller granulator

Maintenance and oil filling position of double roller granulator:

(1) Reducer: add engine oil or automobile oil;
(2) After the screws are removed from the two sides of the large bearing with seat on both sides, grease with a grease gun (once per shift);
(3) The tail end of the transmission gear in the lower oil groove pour car oil;
(4) The sprocket chain and its lower side are crushed, and the transmission gear is smeared with grease once per shift;
(5) Smash the lower side with butter on both sides. Beat the butter with a grease gun.